Conquering Leukemia: Victoria’s Diagnosis of Adolescent Cancer at RMHC

In the heart of Laredo, Texas, where family bonds run deep, the Nunez family faced an unexpected challenge when 15-year-old Victoria Nunez was diagnosed with leukemia. This is the inspiring tale of their resilience, strength, and the pivotal role played by Ronald McDonald House during their 302-night stay.

Victoria, a young, spirited teenager, Victoria witnessed her world unravel as ongoing illnesses disrupted her volleyball practices. Enduring constant fatigue and exhaustion, she faced a formidable challenge that significantly altered the course of her once-vibrant routine her every day life. Initially dismissed as a virus, her mother, Irma Nunez, advocated for insisted on further testing, suspecting a familial connection to leukemia. Their journey to San Antonio began when blood tests confirmed Victoria’s leukemia diagnosis.

With a diagnosis as aggressive as Victoria’s, the Nunez family’s living situation became complex. Staying with relatives initially, the family faced the challenge of accommodating Victoria’s family members all in such a small place. Balancing providing for her family and having a place to stay during Victoria’s treatments so far from home was Irma’s top priority. Irma’s initial knowledge about RMHC came from the experiences shared by colleagues. When faced with the challenging reality of her leukemia diagnosis, Victoria remembered the stories of families finding solace and support through RMHC. In a moment of need, the word-of-mouth recommendations transformed into a lifeline. Once in contact with a social worker, the Nunez’s were ready for RMHC.

RMHC San Antonio Provides more than just a Home to Families

Faced with the news of her daughter’s aggressive cancer, Irma found strength within herself to be a pillar of support for Victoria. Victoria’s sister recounts, “When you think of cancer, it’s not always a death sentence.” This statement from her sister alone was an inspiration and became a source of comfort, offering a new perspective on life’s chapters, reminding Victoria that she was not alone in this battle. This is shown during Victoria’s treatments. In a remarkable display of family unity, one of Victoria’s older brothers, Mark, stepped forward as a bone marrow donor. Despite the intimidating procedure, Mark selflessly contributed stem cells for Victoria’s treatment, stating, “I don’t care what it is. I’ll do it for my sister.”

The impact of RMHC on the family extended beyond a roof over their heads; it provided a sense of community, comfort, and the practical support needed during these challenging times. RMHC became more than just a place to sleep; it became a home away from home for the Nunez family on two separate occasions for a total of during their 302-night stay302 nights. The family expressed gratitude for the family-like staff, moral support, and the simple yet significant amenities provided, such as meals, showers, and transportation assistance. “We were lucky to have a car but even if we did not, you all had us covered.”

As Victoria continues her battle against leukemia, the Nunez family remains grateful for the unwavering support of Ronald McDonald House. Their story is a testament to the strength that can be found in family bonds, community support, and the vital role played by organizations like RMHC in providing comfort and hope during life’s most challenging chapters.

The Nunez family plans to visit RMHC once a month for ongoing treatment. The Ronald McDonald House remains a steadfast supporter, offering a familiar place to stay and the ongoing emotional and practical support needed in the face of a long-term medical journey.

Help Bring the Spirit of the Holidays to our Families

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