Our Relationship with McDonald’s

RMHC Founding Mission Partner since 1974

McDonald’s plays a key role in supporting our Ronald McDonald House Charities chapter, as well as many others all around the world. However, by design, McDonald’s does not fully subsidize our RMHC chapter, or any other chapter.




Each Ronald McDonald House chapter is an independent 501(c)(3) charity supported by its community and governed by a local Board of Directors. Global Ronald McDonald House Charities provides each local Chapter with an initial seed grant, and McDonald’s Corporation licenses the Chapters to use the Ronald McDonald name.

Approximately 20% of our annual operating costs for our House are graciously funded by our local McDonald’s owner/operators through donation boxes, rounding up your purchase, in-restaurant promotions, and store fundraisers. Local McDonald franchise owners also support our chapter by serving on our Board of Directors along with other community leaders and advocates.

The remaining 80% of our operating income comes from the generosity of individual and corporate donors in our community.