Sid Katz Repair and Renovation

For more than 23 years, our Sid Katz house has provided a home away from home for more than 11,000 families with sick or injured children.
Unfortunately, Sid Katz was severely damaged during the 2021 winter storm resulting in more than 8 inches of water throughout 80% of the home.
Through crisis comes opportunity and we are using this to not only repair but renovate the entire house to provide additional services to our families.

Thanks to our Heart Healers for sponsoring Sid Katz, this home will open its doors once more for families in 2023.

With the support of our sponsors, Sid Katz will offer the following updates for families:

  • 4 Cancer Cares Suites with kitchenettes and their own HVAC system
  • 2 beautiful playrooms for children and young adults
  • An updated playground that is wheelchair accessible
  • Memorial garden to honor the children we have lost
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • An open kitchen overlooking the dining and living spaces
  • A dedicated space for families to work or learn from our homes
  • Updated HVAC system, closets, and in-room desks for every bedroom

Join the movement to Heal Hearts by providing comfort and care to families when they need it most.

In Memory of Marion A Olson Jr.

Candy Katz Gardner

For more information, please contact Jennifer Othman, Director of Development at 210-580-9010 or by email at Jennifer.Othman@rmhcsanantonio.org