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What do we offer at our locations?

You will find.

  • A private bedroom that will hold a family of four; a bathroom is included in the room.
  • Bed and bath linens and toilet paper are provided for the families.
  • Laundry facilities are provided; we supply detergent.
  • A full kitchen is available so that families can buy their own groceries and prepare their own food.
  • A large dining area.
  • A large family and living room.
  • A recreation room. An outdoor play area.
  • A meditation room.
  • A chore that each family is responsible for each day.

Family Rooms

Located inside a medical facility serving pediatric patients. It is a quiet rest area for family members of children admitted to the hospital for treatment.

They Provide

  • Seating area for guest
  • Coffee, snacks
  • Laundry facility
  • Kitchen and dining area

We do not provide:

Food or toiletry items